R Duck show


old Next Door Show Schedule


Live improvised electronic music guests of the R Duck show (sorta alphabetical):

Abominenglelb, Ghost Clown (art installation, tips, voice)

Amar Chaudhary (computers in improvised music)

artie (technical advisor)

Caroline (guest)

Caspian (guest)

Mr. CaBlonca (musician, composer, arranger)

Celeste Bell View (guest)

Ivan Chan (guest) Cousins hardware clip

Charlie (guitar)

Cousins (cousins) Cousins hardware clip

Dave Smith (upright and electric bass)

D.D. (artwork)

DJ T (phone guest)

Debby (keen observer)

earbender (on location reporter)

Ed (petaluma free radio) Ed's hardware clip

Elsa Productions Veronique Larcher

Evans Hankey (guest) Hankey sound clip

Fatimata Vetu (photography)

Mr. Flex (art advisor, story line/sound advice, vp- chocolate advisory commission)

Miguel Frasconi (guest)

FRSC 9th anniversary commission

Guillermo Galindo (guest) Guillermo Galindo clip

host of the R Duck show host of the r duck show

Victoria Jordanova (guest) Jordanova sound clip

Kresge Co-op (music and the human gee-gnome)

Louie (transition host from R&R) stay tuned for more audio hardware

Mathew Embry (vocals, improvised piano, processing)

Mistress Violet (guest)

Morton Subotnick (interview) Morton Sobotnic sound clip

nothing something (computers, electronic music, drum synths) NS hardware clip

Pamela Purtree (guest writer) Pamela has an insight

Pamela Z (guest)

parae (musical guest)

Patti (president- chocolate advisory commission)

pearl bubblegum (poetry, music)Pearl Bubblegum

riz (guest host, musical consultant, improvised acoustic, less acoustic, and electronic instruments) riz at the mic

rizorkestra (one-man-roots-blues-band) (cd's) rizorkestra remote sample

Bob Saget (phone in) Cousins hardware clip

Sha Lar (nexialist) founder of the third space

Sheri (violin)

Shrea (voices, improv)

Sutekh (guest) short clip

T. Rex (cooking critic)

William S. Miles (presidential willing) (guest)

Zarkonium Plexiglas (improvised computers)


If you have further where abouts of some of these folks, buzz me to add links and contact info.

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