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from Vision Magazine
by Indigo Moonstar
Free Radio Santa Cruz 101.1FM
(one frequency at a time)!
  "...The R Duck Show is an exercise in experimental music, and according to its host, "an experiment in releasing our expectations of what 'music' is." Part mash-up, part psy-trance, part independent beat music, R Duck's audio montage will push the boundaries of your musical comprehension..." from Vision Magazine
by Indigo Moonstar

The R Duck show is a cooperation between man and machine in order to sculpt organic, improvised electronic music. The show nods its head toward old time variety shows and modern radio -life in the day- spoken dry as the coastal sands at low tide. Tune in for live improvised electronic music drama, performed by the host and a rotating chamber of special guests, using a variety of multi-effect sound processors, a studio microphone, a pickens of conventional and unconventional acoustic instruments and mass market software run on a handsome custom built portable computer designed by Happy Guy studio.

Every week, story and music strive to describe contained space by including all it is not and remembering all it is. The proximity with its surroundings gives absolute love, existence dependent on the other with no concept of fault, error or judgment. Shifting the outline of sounds and their content through the use of electronics, the host of the R Duck show blurs the outline, spilling contents, mixing one to another, finding a new figure when each piece births a new outline with and without pieces distinctive to the original, lying completely separate but completely dependent on their mutual presence.

R Duck Radio Show recorded live on the air unedited by Happy Guy studio:


September 27 Scout self encounter with bhikkhu. (mp3)


August 15 guests - n.s. wonderfox, mamma fox, bob saget have french bread chocolate and ask riddles Wayne Jackson stops in for wine corner (mp3)

- variety show segment with guests (mp3)

August 8 guest - n.s. for coconut chocolate, old school efx, new age 888 (mp3)

August 7 the HotRDS sits in for Uncle D. - Cream to the Dregs - with wonderfox (mp3)

July 11 guests - Ivan Chan chats with Deutsche Liebe, rizorkestra phone in (mp3)

- lounge corner segment (mp3)

July 4 reading corner, improvisational necessity (mp3)

June 27 guests - n.s. aka s.n., mr. wilson on guitar, Ivan Chan chats with Lee (mp3)

- ivan/lee segment (mp3)
- power outage ivan/n.s./mr.wilson segment (mp3)
- ivan/matt (phone in) and /nietsche/wonderfox/deutsche liebe (?) segment (mp3)

May 30 guests - Ivan Chan interview re. santa cruz art center, Bob Saget phone in (mp3)

- chat room segment (mp3)
- Ivan interview segment (mp3)

April 25 guests - wonderfox, Deutsche Liebe, dante italiano, wilson re. acoustic shadows on t.v. (mp3)

April 18 gap theory and other prose (mp3)

March 28 guest - n.s. for kaos padded arabian nights (mp3)


Dec 15 holiday special (audio stream) (download)

Dec 8 guests - rizorkestra & ns, slide jam, chat corner, cartoon battle, pbg and others call in (audio stream) (download)

Nov 10 extended show - what rocks halva and chocolate sampling w/ guests ns & mr. charlie (audio stream) (download)

Nov 3 sex by numbers, deck reading, w/ guests charlie ns and silent bryan (audio stream) (download)

Oct 20 w/ ns, pbg call-in, sensible meal planning, ns rebroadcast of old show (audio stream) (download)
short improv: (audio stream) (download)

Oct 13 professor into the light, live instruments, sensible meal planning - bbq garlic updates and more
(audio stream) (download)

Oct 6 guest NS professor, ambient chatter, knitting pattern, movie clips and casssette stories, cheerleaders eat my salsa (audio stream) (download) n.s. short improv: (audio stream) (download)

Sept 29 T-bird solar consult, snow flakes returns to say goodbye, sensible meal plan - sandwich that is not what it was, call out for granola (audio stream) (download)

Sept 22 professor T-bird calls from ani di franco, the consumer - chemical reading (audio stream) (download)

Sept 1 professor food comedy - sensible meal planning dice words 100 cds w/NS (audio stream) (download)

Aug 25 rizorkestra in studio - card games, sensible meal planning, dessert crack up,
what rocks with NS on phone (audio stream) (download)

Aug 18 multi-syllable card reading open form show w/ NS (audio stream) (download)

Aug 11 pbg poem, quiz answer, free box notebook, chocolate w/NS (audio stream) (download)

Aug 4 with guest ns & professor, plumber dialogue, with pbg phone in, math corner (audio stream) (download)

July 28 2006 guest n.s., call in PBG, so cal garden report with t bird, dog training corner and hospital welcome (audio stream) (download)

July 28 with NS 10 mins of ambience only (audio stream) (download) (10:35)

July 21 guests: NS, PBG -how to, manipulated readings, bol efx (audio stream) (download) (154:06)

July 21 5minutes of ambience only with NS (audio stream) (download) (5:02)

July 14 guest: rizorkestra -on location: depak report (with NS) vibraphone (audio stream) (download) (153:37)

July 7 -solo- new equip, best things ever said, chocolate (audio stream) (download) (153:53)

June 30 guests: PBG, Big Mama, Professor. 1 1/2 hour pursuit, food, sampling (audio stream) (download) (156:39)

June 16 guests: NS, PBG ambience-reincarnation-chocolate taste-other readings (audio stream) (download) (151:15)

June 16 with NS, 15 minutes of ambience with speach samples (audio stream) (download) (15:00)

June 9 special guests Imagination freestyle, NS, PBG, cross referenced books (audio stream) (download) (153:50)

June 2 ambience only 30 minutes with NS.mp3 (audio stream) (download) (30:12)

May 19 NS, the Professor (1hr), step ladders, art and children (audio stream) (download) (40:49)

May 19 with NS about 9 minutes of pure ambience (audio stream) (download) (8:51)

May 12 NS, Handy Man Journel, the Professor (audio stream) (download) (40:49)

April 28 rizorkestra, NS, double blind test in stereo (audio stream) (download) (53:09)

April 14 Chefs Cap, channel briefs, Pearl Bubblegum phone; guest NS (audio stream) (download) (150:02)

April 7 the music has begun, more music - less talk; guest NS (audio stream) (download) (150:01)

March 31 rizorkestra calls in; Arch Bridge Channel; fair movement in show (audio stream) (download) (152:33)

March 24 3 men at dinner running in circles; guest NS (audio stream) (download) (154:44)

March 17 Arch Angel Gabriel talk, WSM (audio stream) (download) (151:49)

March 10 a moving show with guests Charlie and Pearl Bubblegum (audio stream) (download) (153:34)

March 3 solid show. WSM call in, readings. (audio stream) (download) (148:16)


October 7 NS, Pamela Purtree, Sha Lar, William S. Miles and the frog (audio stream) (download) (148:25)

October 1 interview with Guillermo Galindo (audio stream) (download) (10:10)

September 16 rizorkestra live in Montery with R Duck (made possible by Happy Guy studio) (audio stream) (download) (93:06)

September 16 part 2 Nothing Something and old school (audio stream) (download) (91:50)

September 9 Sutekh interview, the Cousins, rizorkestra (audio stream) (download) (157:26)

September 9 part 2 dialogue, William S Miles, discusion, rizorkestra (audio stream) (download) (91:50)

September 2 NS, call from FRLA, William S Miles, PearlBubblegum (audio stream) (download) (180:00)

July 15 with nothin somethin, slide and jam with toast (audio stream) (download) (162:29)

July 15 clip (audio stream) (download) (13:11)

July 8 I Ching, visit from rizorkestra (audio stream) (download) (185:28) *repaired*

June 24 guests the Mindless Ensemble, Silvio Correia (audio stream) (download) (201:09)

May 13 with nothin somethin (audio stream) (download) (150:46)

Feb 18 guests nothin somethin and Esther, Climb a tree? dance till your rain falls (audio stream) (download) (139:25)

Feb 11 Hip Chips special program w/ rizorkestra! and guest nothin somethin (audio stream) (download) (149:15)

Feb 4 Gravity of the Situation w/ nothin somethin (audio stream) (download) (152:55)

Jan 28 re. R H Bly w/ Esther Sara & Zedy (audio stream) (download) (177:08)


Oct 22 bees and brussel sprouts (audio stream) (download) (153:10)

Nov 26 Cassandra Brown guest, new host (audio stream) (download) (152:15)

Nov 12 is this a real voice? (audio stream) (download) (150:12)

R Duck show FRSC station Id's

Imagination one minute id (audio stream) (download)

30 second id (audio stream) (download)

4 minute id (audio stream) (download)

Firesign Theatre id #1 (audio stream) (download)

Firesign Theatre id #2 (audio stream) (download)

Firesign Theatre id #3 (audio stream) (download)

Now with more NS (audio stream) (download)

resist and renew (audio stream) (download)

rizorkestra (audio stream) (download)

stay tuned (audio stream) (download)

what rocks? (audio stream) (download)

zen dough (audio stream) (download)

R Duck show live improvised electronic music - in color:

April 19 2005 simulcast from the Ugly Mug in Soquel, Ca.

R Duck with special guest nothing something ---- (audio stream) (download)

May 7 2005 at the Ugly Mug with Breakfast

R Duck with Charlie and Nothing Something ---- (audio stream) (download) (47:53)

Breakfast ---- (audio stream) (download) (51:49)

June 17 2005 at the Next Door Elsa Productions Indehousen (audio stream) (download) (17:39)

June 21 2005 at the Next Door confetti party! (audio stream) (download) (127:01)

June 23 2005 at the Next Door with Amar Chaudhary (audio stream) (download) (162:42)

June 24 2005 at the Next Door with rizorkestra (piano sonata for electronics) (audio stream) (download) (69:06)

Short Clips selected by Veronique Larcher for Elsa Productions:

riz reading (audio stream) (download) (2:44)

Deep Space Diving (audio stream) (download) (2:29)

riz on ud and nothing nomething on electronic percusion (audio stream) (download) (3:38)

Other Short Clips:

July 15 2005 clip (audio stream) (download) (13:11)

ambience with NS (audio stream) (download) (10:57)

Spiffy R Duck Radio Show Archived Tracks:

Oct 3 2003 (audio stream) (download) (126:50)

April 4 2003 (audio stream) (download) (55:03)

Jan 2 2005 (audio stream) (download) (164:52)

From the happy hardware cd Sneakers in Wood:
Exist Dance (audio stream) (download) (20:11)


Thanks to our new audio host