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"Creating a new America by redefining the terms we live with."

-William S. Miles


"This has got to be one of the best ways I could find to throw myself into the life of the comman man! A way to emerse myself in the challanges of real life." -W.S.M at the Walk of Life December 2006

“For every man and family, I promise a dumpster where they can feel safe to shop whenever they please.”

- PAL talk

W.S.M working at his desk in the Hotel Bellevue.

W.S.M. ready to dig his own grave.

Redefining world hunger- “… all terrorism comes from one thing, economic and food tyranny. Someone will always have more of each. Fresh and warm… so, we supply them good quality ganja and boom, the tyranny is gone.”

– August 2005 FRSC R Duck show

“...and at the cost of few… we can supply a growing populace concerned with… their cost and wondering where the answers come from.”

–on the growing cost of populace concern

W.S.M. at the NAMM drum circle.

W.S.M. introducing U2 for a farm benefit.

“Blueberry’s. For everyone”

-regional farmers market

“It can’t all be up! How can it all be up? Then where would down be?”

- Answer to youth group worried about inflation

W.S.M. with M.L.K.

W.S.M. in his Special Olympics front row Gold Medal Benefactor courtside seat.

“If we could each drive a little less everyday… I think we would find it a lot more difficult to find a parking space… but, while on the other hand, we wouldn’t need to park as often.”

–speaking to a women’s group in Live Oak, California.

“By redefining our world we define ourselves.”